Our systematic and professional approach provides the reliability that our clients seek to have a peace of mind so that they can concentrate on their business while we handle their administrative and accounting aspects of the Company.

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We believe strongly in training to empower our clients. Together with our associates, we keep our clients up to date with our various training workshops to enable our clients to take advantage of the latest government incentives, good financial management techniques and latest organisational and development programmes.  


Workshops under our Information Sharing Series are free for our clients. For non-clients who are interested in the workshops, you can register your interest via email. 


We also provide customised training for our clients. 



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VISION : We aspire to create a world where businesses can truly thrive with the community through sound financial management. We see ourselves as partners to companies empowering them with financial intelligence to grow, expand and stabilise their business.

MISSION : Providence is the catalyst for financial intelligence for SMEs. We provide an effective system which enable clients to foucs on the business of the company with assurance that compliance issues are efficiently handled. By providing relevant, up-to-date information to our clients, we seek to optimise their financial options with banks and the government so that they can maximise all available resources to grow their business

We uphold integrity, trust and competence as our core values. We treat clients with empathy, first and foremost, and strive to see their business from their perspective, everything else comes second. 


DIRECTOR – Loo Meng Gee


FCA (Singapore), MBA
Accredited Tax Practitioner (Income Tax and GST)
Certified NLP Master Practitioner
Certified ACTA Trainer