Practical Accounting for Non Accounting Professionals (MODULE 3: Session 2 of 2)

Monday, Sep 10, 2018

9:00am – 5:00pm

This course is tailored for individuals which limited financial literacy and knowledge of accounting terms. It consists of 4 modules that spans over 20 hours in total that would be able to adequately prepare participants for crafting basic income statements and balance sheets from source documents.

Participants that have completed all 4 modules in this course would be able to have the option to sit for the IAAP (The International Association of Accounting Professionals) Certificate. The IAAP is an established organisation that provides international recognition for the level of qualification achievement of accounting professionals that is then used to enhance their status and productivity in financial and business communities.

More details on this certification can be obtained from Providence Management Services Pte Ltd.

Module 3:

  • Preparation of trial balance
  • Preparation of basic financial statements

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Event Fees

SGD 450.00